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Join us on this ultimate, 20-day, guided Uganda trip and experience the country like never before. Cover some of the major national parks of the country, hike through dense forests and experience the amazing diversity of flora and fauna that these places have to offer


A lifetime experience to Kidepo Valley National Park, besides the expected wild game drive across the park where you shall see lions and other animals, you can enjoy activities including hiking trips, sightseeing tours, birdwatching, and the rich culture of the Karimajongs.


Spend time at a coffee tour or climb for example Mount Gahinga. Have to complete this great tour several game drives in Lake Mburo and watch for impala, plains zebra, eland antelope, and topi, but don’t forget the wide variety of birds.


Get ready for the experience of a lifetime full of adrenaline-pumping adventure and unparalleled learning. Help communities in need, make lifelong friends, and never see the world the same way again.